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Here is a simple template we use to define the value proposition of the solution we are working on.

Before we start…

  • Job to be done: what problem are we aiming to solve or what opportunity are we trying to materialize?
  • Pressing need: why do we – as an organization, team, or individual – need this now?
  • Beneficiary: who will primarily benefit from this initiative? Why is it good for the organisation?
  • Stakeholders: who else will be involved in the process?
  • Current status: what is currently in place? How do we users address the problem today?
  • Roadblocks: what or who may get in our way? Why?

If we succeed…

  • Dream: what would be an ideal outcome?
  • Features: what are the 2/3 key elements to describe it?
  • Benefits: what is in it for the beneficiary? The organisation? Your stakeholders? Why would they help you achieve your goal? (it could be a carrot, or it could be a stick)
  • Differentiator: what will make it a better solution than what is in place today?
  • Experience: how will the outcome feel like for the beneficiaries? How will it feel for the stakeholders to be part of your project?

Now write an executive summary:how can you summarize the project in 50 words or less, in a way that normal people, who don’t have any background on the project, can understand quickly and that would make them want to be part of it.

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