Because co-creation might just be the best cure to the disruption caused to your business by the virus.

A fresh look can bring in new ideas!

Get in a room or a Google Hangout with a professional with 10+ years of experience in human-centered design and focus on a challenge your business is facing for 1 hour. We’ll dive into your challenge, focus on your user’s need and take a new stance towards solving that need, taking into consideration the new constraints of these confusing times. Whatever comes out of it is all yours.

Yes, it’s free. For real.


Because challenging times call for solidarity and creativity. And also because we love solving wicked problems in the first place. So it’s literally a free lunch… at a restaurant we really, really enjoy.

How do I know it will work?

First, you can’t know for sure. But it can’t hurt to try. What we know for sure, though, is that if you don’t try, it will definitely not work.

Also, we’ve worked with dozens of clients on hundreds of very complex challenges and we trust the design thinking framework to always bring new perspectives to a problematic situation. So we’re quite confident on the value it will bring to you.

Will you pitch me your services?

Only if you ask. Otherwise, we won’t.
We know by experience that when you create real value, people remember it and, in turn, recommend friends and collaborators to get in touch.
Also, design thinking taught us that it’s more powerful to show than to tell.
So if we can help you out, we’ll be happy. The rest will eventually follow.

What’s that design thingy you keep talking about?

Design thinking is a mindset inspired from the designers’ toolkit that proves very useful when tackling complex challenges. It offers a user-centric creative problem-solving framework that can be applied to any situation, enabling the problem solvers to identify the root causes of the problem, reframe the challenge in workable way, ideate new solutions and develop a prototype.

It’s unlikely that we will have the time to cover the whole ground in a single session, but we will go as far as we can, and we can always go back to it if we need more time.

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