These 10 startups are revolutionizing the retail industry

The Covid-19 upheaval has altered consumers’ buying habits, catalysing the transition from physical shopping to online shopping.

If e-retail sales only account for 14.1% of all retail sales worldwide at the present time (1), the e-commerce market is thriving : expectations show that more than 95% of all purchases will be conducted via ecommerce by 2040 (2).

Here are 10 startups who optimize the digital tools to make online retail accessible, creative and intelligible.

New ways of advertising

Paid search ads can increase awareness of a brand by 80% (3). In that respect, new ways of advertising are emerging to develop creative contents and forms.

Poplar, for instance, takes video advertising to a whole new level with a platform that provides AR experiences on demand simply, quickly and affordably.

Ad-Lib also increase the creative marketing capacities, but this time by making it easy to build relevant creatives at scale, adapting them to the different platforms and optimizing it for the audience through machine-learning.

So what’s missing? Content of course! That where Miappi gets in the game. The startup curates the very best brand or user-generated digital content and increases consumer engagement by creating ‘social walls’ for display on all sort of marketing channels, online or offline.

Optimizing e-commerce

With increasing competition, optimizing websites and e-commerces is also incredibly valuable. Since consumers are blind to 92% of online ads (4), companies must find new methods to attract and impulse online sales.

Botify, as a search engine optimization (SEO) platform, enables large scale enterprise to improve the discovery of their content on the search engines to drive organic growth.

And because 97,4% of digital traffic does not convert, AB Tasty addresses the challenge thanks to an AI-experience optimization platform covers all digital channels and devices, through experimentation, personalization, feature management and insights.

Contentsquare also provides digital experience analytics, but their AI platform empowers brands to deliver better digital experiences, using heatmaps for example.

Dragonfly AI provides data to drive creative decisions and maximize the impact of each feature of their customer’s platform with a predictive visual analytics tool. 

Digital tools for our everyday life

Digital tools have many usages and benefits. LexaTexer develops and scales enterprise AI for B2B actors, software to build cross-vertical enterprise-scale applications more efficiently and cost-effectively than alternative approaches.

But digital tools are used to dynamise physical stores as well. Mercaux provides consistent customer experience capabilities and data exchanges across channels through a digital platform for physical retail stores.

Finally, Storefront, also called the “Airbnb of retail” by the New York Times, offers a marketplace and matchmaking platform that aligns retail and real-estate cycles. They connect real-estate owners and retailers for short-term rental.

In short, retail Tech and e-commerce is on the verge of becoming the new shopping standard. Especially with the Covid-19 crisis and the worldwide lockdowns, people need to shift towards a more digitized way of buying. But thanks to these startups, online shopping will become much more personalized, adapted… and fun !

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