Digital Transformation in Pharma

In a nutshell

Client: Global Pharma Group
Org type: Large Global company
Challenge: Digital transformation & Corporate Innovation
Project length: 4 months
Format: pre-work + hackathon + leadership summit
Impact: Delivery of 3 disruptive projects + creation of a vision, strategy and roadmap for their LatAm organization.

The crunchy details

Our client is a traditional pharmaceutical company acting worldwide in a very regulated industry, making for high entry barriers historically.

But new technologies and high investments mainly from the tech industry have since then come into the picture, along with changes in the behaviour of the audience, urging the company to rethink its business models and internal processes to stay competitive and relevant in the future.

In this context, the Co-Creation Lab was called to create a framework to trigger and support a digital transformation of the Latin American branch of the organization.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 6.49.11 PM

Called Digital Innovation Sprint, the process started with an immersion of the Lab into the company, to draw an internal diagnosis and understand the mindset and level of knowledge of the internal audience. From there, a pull of tech-friendly collaborators was selected to participate to the first phase of the project. They first dived into the challenge through user interviews and a benchmark of the wider competitive landscape, to generate a collective knowledge base and get the participants both inspired and aware of the stakes.

The participants then flew in São Paulo for a full day Hackathon. They were taken through a design thinking process to help them generate ideas from the insights collected and shape them into basic prototypes. The project that came out of the hackathon were then presented to the country managers for feedback and integrated into experiments platforms, currently being tested and optimized with real users. In September, the leadership will gather to allocate proper resources to the concepts and create a strategic vision for the future.



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